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18 Holes of Green

18 Holes of Green chronicles the events of one summer at White Lake Golf Course with one golf pro chasing women, one running from the woman he has, and a staff of retirees who are more interested in free golf than working. There's an eccentric range ball picker, colorful customers and of course the resident alligator. 

A fun story about finding camaraderie and friendship amidst the madness. These characters will resonate with every golfer as frustration and fun intermingle. 

Whether it's paratroopers invading, a golf shoe heist, a fist fight over slow play, or speed golfing women; there is never a dull moment at White Lake Golf Course. A series of mad-capped night golf and gambling events keep the fun going after the sun goes down. However, an investigation into a corrupt county official's water bottle scheme brings an unwelcome spotlight to some less than authorized activities. 

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The Animal Fair

A Fun children’s rhyme inspired by a traditional sailing song from the 1800’s 

This lyrical journey and original artwork will capture the imagination of children and parents alike. It’s fun to read out loud and children quickly learn it by heart. 

Join a mischievous monkey and his animal friends as he tries to solve a stinky problem. 

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